Maintex implemented best practices to improve asset reliability at Sibur branch in Tomsk

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In September 2015, Maintex, one of the OMEGALLIANCE® Consulting Group companies, successfully completed pilot implementation of equipment reliability management tools and methods at the low-density polyethylene production site Tomskneftekhim LLC (SIBUR Holding).

Not only are Maintex specialists aware of peculiarities of such implementation initiatives in Russia but they also have an extensive experience of cooperation with SIBUR companies.

Two practices were chosen for pilot implementation: RCM (reliability-centered management) and RBI (risk-based inspection). For the moment, these are the most powerful reliability improvement tools solving a wide range of problems.

Top-priority project tasks were: 

  • Asset reliability improvement through mitigating production, technology-related, financial, and environmental risk, while providing cost optimization;
  • Industrial safety improvement still providing cost optimization.

By the project launch, Tomskneftekhim had already had a robust methodological base and accumulated statistics on equipment operation, and the personnel had had knowledge and competences they successfully used during the project execution.

"Employee engagement is an integral, indisputable part of such projects," Roman Romakhin, Maintex CEO, comments. "Such initiatives cannot be imposed extrinsically or 'forced in' by the head office. What is important is close cooperation of all the parties—the head office, the plant management as well as services and personnel on premises. One needs to fully understand the roles of each and every one in cultural, process and business changes at the plant. We were pleased to see such good teamwork at Tomskneftekhim."

It is worth noting that the project is a part of the corporate program "ERP System Implementation on the Base of SAP". Equipment reliability management is provided by a seamlessly SAP ERP integrated platform Meridium APM, recognized as a SAP Endorsed Business Solution. Both systems work in an integral information environment and provide users with reliable operation data. The project outcomes will include improved maintenance planning and scheduling and improved production culture.

"I can say with confidence that we have achieved excellent results in asset maintenance and repair; our specialists strictly follow the procedures and use up-to-date work scheduling tools," Vladimir Maximov, Tomskneftekhim Chief Engineer says. "However RCM and RBI provide additional capacity both for innovations and improving the existing procedures and approaches. We are expecting to get significant results as soon as every maintenance, planning and procurement professional starts using these principles." 

In November 2015, the SIBUR site in Tomsk started to scale up the equipment reliability improvement practices.  Now SIBUR applies solutions and best practices for reliability management across the holding.