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The Maintex company, a part of the OMEGALLIANCE®, specializes on the fixed assets management strategic approach in companies and organizations of various industries. Maintex presents leadind world-class technologies of asset performance management on Russian market. Maintex provides full range of services in this field and related areas. 

Our proposed concept is focused on the achievement of key corporate goals for the customer, taking into account the uniqueness of its business. Working with experienced consultants on a global level, we create competitive advantages for companies through the use of advanced methodologies, industry best practices and our extensive knowledge base. 


We have created our own unique culture and style of working that achieve tangible results and optimize the business of our Customers. Our proposed approaches significantly improve the customer's profitability through proper selection and implementation of optimal strategy of fixed asset management. 

Maintex has more than 40 professional EAM/APM consultants. This allows us to undertake projects of any scale and to solve tasks of any level of complexity.


We help Russian companies significantly improve financial results through the implementation of modern techniques and solutions for asset management. Using the accumulated knowledge and experience of the leading world consulting companies, we develop concepts of asset management, which is most relevant for the business objectives of our customers.

In support of our mission we try to gather all the expertise, all positive experience for strategic management of fixed assets, advanced methods and practices. We also continuously invest in the further development of our staff and expanding their own knowledge base.


The expertise of our professional consultants includes the implementation of projects for process optimization asset management in various industries including chemical and petrochemical, oil refining and mining, construction and automotive, as well as many others. 

Due to the large practical experience and a wide set of major competencies Maintex team uses an individual and holistic approach to solving problems in the field of effective asset management. Whether designing new or optimizing existing processes management of the maintenance and reliability of equipment, we rely on a methodological framework based on best international and Russian experience.

The competence of the Maintex expert team includes methodological support: 

  • RCM, FMEА analysis;
  • Mechanical integrity of static equipment management (inspections, RBI, thickness monitoring);
  • Automation of the processes of asset management based on modern IT platforms, including SAP PM, Meridium APM, Infor EAM, Maxgrip Optimizer+ and strEAM+.

Maintex consultants have variuos certificates of professional associations and major consulting companies in the field of reliability management and maintenance, as well as certificates of training completion on building business process based on modern tools for automated asset management. However, we are not standing still, Mantex invests daily in the development of its employees, building up a better sectoral and thematic expertise in strategic asset management.


The uniqueness of the competence of the Maintex company is a clear understanding of what components of a cycle maintenance and repairs ensure the efficiency of asset management. 

Thanks to a deep study of each component separately, we provide our customers the opportunity to move towards secure assets and provide services for the implementation of the principles of strategic asset management in the conditions of a particular enterprise. The results of the implementation of the integrated EAM project are of additional value for business customers by improving performance of major enterprise assets.


Our specialists use the best practices and global best practices associated with the implementation of projects for strategic management of fixed assets;

  • The use of methodologies, tested on hundreds of companies, guarantees the success of the projects and achievement of business objectives, resulting from the application generated by the company recommendations;
  • Multiplatform as one of the key foundations of our work allows us not to get linked to a particular IT tool and individually select the IT solution which meets the objectives, the scope and opportunities of each individual company.
  • We, of course, developed the documents, but our understanding of "the implementation of the strategic approach to the management of fixed assets" is not so much the resulting document, how many trained people will be in the field, honing their skills;
  • Our activities are aimed both at improving the competitiveness of enterprises and organizations of Russia and CIS and providing satisfaction to its customers solutions;
  • We do not supply equipment, spare parts, etc., therefore our views are unbiased, and techniques not intended for delivery of a specific item;
  • We use different methods of transmission of knowledge and skills, including field work, specialized workshops, and the publication of literature for each topic;
  • Today we are the only company offering decades of accumulated experience in the field of strategic asset management in Russia and CIS in Russian language;
  • We do not copy the western practices of 1 to 1; we adapt them to Russian conditions.