Vyksa Steel works to improve asset management efficiency with Meridium APM solution

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The project was officially presented on November 26, 2013, during the working visit to Vyksa of OMK Chairman of the Board Anatoly Sedykh, OMK President Vladimir Markin, Vice-Presidents Natalya Eremina and Eduard Stepantsov, and OMK Production Development Director Dmitry Stopkevitch. There were also present division directors, workshop directors, workshop reliability service teams, repair and support service directors, and managers of other subdivisions, i. e. project team members from Vyksa Steel Works. VSW Repair and Maintenance Service Director, Alexander Rogatov, delivered an introductory speech and pointed out that VSW was one of the first metal companies in Russia who implemented comprehensive approach to efficient asset management. Alexey Zhemkov, Project Manager, reported on this new methodology for repair and reliability management as well as on planning and implementation approach. The report emphasized the main project goals:

  • Implementation of a methodology for repair budgeting based on risk analysis and its efficient use;
  • Development and implementation of a target business process for asset reliability management integrated with related processes throughout the asset life cycle;
  • Implementation of current practices for maintenance management on the basis of a Meridium APM IT system: RCM,FMEA/FMECA, RCA, statistical reliability analysis;
  • Change management (in terms of culture, thinking, needed organization structure);
  • Implementation of target functional and technical architecture, from equipment to managerial reporting;
  • Implementation of a reliability management system and its integration with the maintenance management system (SAP EAM).

Two stages are planned for project implementation. The first stage is a pilot launch in the 4th electric-weld pipe workshop in September 2014. The second stage is roll-out of project solutions in all VSW subdivisions in October 2015. The following outcomes are expected:

  • Reliability management practices are implemented on the allocated equipment fleet;
  • The practices bring cost advantages thanks to their use on particularly critical assets;
  • A number of target maturity level values are achieved in certain areas; the scene is set for results achievement in the first and the second year of solution operation;
  • A unified process for asset repair management throughout the asset life cycle is developed and implemented; a team of VSW employees is trained to keep Meridium APM system in proper working order.
  • Main economic benefit sources are attained:
  • Shortened unplanned downtime;
  • Optimized duration, intervals and scope of overhauls;
  • Reduced costs for asset modernization and replacement;
  • Reduced production losses.
The contractor for this project was a Russian company, Maintex. Maintex is a leading Russian company in process design and implementation of solutions for efficient asset management. According to Maxim Moskalev, Maintex Project Manager, the main project results should be the trained VSW employees who would consciously apply repair and reliability management practices and tools based on risk management in their daily work activities. Roman Romakhin, Maintex CEO, specified the need in a new model for cooperation and partnership between all plant subdivisions to achieve the project goals. In conclusion, Sergey Filippov,VSW Managing Director, affirmed that he would personally supervise the project and provide assistance in its execution.


Vyksa Steel Works (VSW), one of the oldest metal works plants in Russia, was established in 1757. Today, VSW is the largest domestic manufacturer of electric-welded straight seam pipes of various sizes for oil and gas extraction and transportation, construction works, and utilities. The plant has the largest facility for manufacturing rolled railway wheels for passenger and freight cars, locomotives, and underground trains. VWS is one of the most equipped and advanced metal works plants in Russia. Plant technologies and equipment comply with the highest international standards. High quality of the products is confirmed by various Russian and foreign certificates. VWS has won various prizes and awards for their achievements. More: www.vsw.ru