Mantex and Meridium consultants participated in the conference "Smart Maintenance and Repairs"

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Mantex and Meridium consultants participated in the conference "Smart Maintenance and Repairs"
The conference "Smart Maintenance and Repairs" gathered more than 60 representatives of enterprises of various industries of Russia, who shared a successful experience of improving the processes of asset maintenance and repair. This event was a platform for live exchange of knowledge between experts with broad experience in various aspects of improving maintenance and repair – from techniques to repair certain types of equipment, to strategies for maintenance of large industrial enterprises. Each of the conference participants had the opportunity to get an idea about the experience of colleagues and share their experience and development plans for the future. From the outset, the conference developed a warm and friendly atmosphere of openness and a focus on results.


In such circumstances, a presentation of Roman Romakhin, Executive Director of Maintex, "Modern tools of reliability and risk management" has become a harmonious addition to open discussions. The presentation presents an overview of the modern approach to the evolutionary development of the Enterprise Asset Management, based on standard PAS-55. The participants presented the company's experience of Maintex in implementations of methods of reliability and risk management in the context of productions asset efficiency increase, reduce production losses and costs. A separate part of the speech was devoted to the Meridium APM tools to automate such a complex set of tasks.


Daniel Rodas, Consulting director of Meridium EMEA, followed Roman's presentation. Daniel, having long experience in implementation of reliability and risk management at the largest petrochemical company in Brazil, was given practical examples to show the feasibility and effectiveness of asset management development in this direction. In the roundtable organized by Maintex "Usage of asset reliability and risk management tools – from theory to practice", participants discussed the most relevant topics - particularly implementation of management techniques for reliability and risk management at the enterprises of the Russian Federation. Especially lively discussion raised questions of organizational changes caused by the implementation of these techniques.


"We tried as much as possible to reveal the potential of using modern methods of asset performance management" - says the moderator of the roundtable, Evgeny Novikov, Chief Technology Officer of strategic asset management at Maintex. "Not all of the issues that we raised have received unconditional support and understanding. But we were able to give examples from our own experience and experience of Meridium proving the propriety of those changes on enterprise, which entails the implementation of techniques such as RCM, RCA, FMEA, RBI. Separately they touched on the topic of CBM (condition based maintenance), in the debate which we have demonstrated to the conference participants effective Meridium tools, allowing you to use this kind of maintenance within the general maintenance and repair strategies, including other maintenance as well." 

Each of the companies represented at the conference "Smart Maintenance and Repairs", is at a different stage of evolutionary development approach to EAM and walks his own way. But despite of this, everything discussed at the conference the issues caused resonant discussion. As a result of the conference between the participants were established close business relationships that will allow us to continue the mutually beneficial exchange of experience to improve the approaches of maintenance in the future. 

About Maintex

Maintex is a part of OMEGALLIANCE® group. Maintex provides a full range of services in the field of strategic asset management, including optimization and automation of maintenance, repairs, and reliability processes. Maintex solutions are based on the experience of the world's largest consulting companies specializing on asset management, adapted for the Russian market for practical application by the domestic enterprises. As the official partner of the Meridium company the Maintex renders services in implementation of best-of-breed solutions for asset reliability management at the territory of Russia and the CIS.

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About Meridium

Meridium was founded in 1993, is a global leader in solutions to manage asset performance and related services for intensive industries. Among the company's customers there are the pulp and paper, mining, manufacturing, energy, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Meridium solutions is aimed at improving the reliability of process equipment, reducing the risks associated with causing harm to people and the environment, as well as the prevention of failures of production assets. Unique analytical capabilities of Meridium solutions enable customers to minimize equipment downtime while increasing the safety of production processes and reducing production losses. 

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