Executive Director of Maintex spoke at the SAP Forum

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Recognized as the largest SAP business conference in Russia was held in Moscow on April 09, 2015 and gathered more than 3000 participants representing customers, partners and experts. Each conference attracts not only those who are with a perspective looking to the future with SAP solutions, but also those who can share the experience of successful use of SAP to perform tasks of large industrial enterprises. Almost every major project of Maintex directly or indirectly linked with SAP solutions – innovations that Maintex projects that directly or indirectly affect your existing SAP solution, give a quality boost to its modernization and development. This also applies to the SAP PM module and integrated business processes. That's why Maintex was invited to the session for chief engineers of industrial enterprises with a presentation on "Modern instruments of reliability and risk control. The features to implement in Russia".

It was attended by active, interested and involved in the processes of asset management the listeners were presented the reports that illuminated the experience of the advanced enterprises that use SAP products, and promising directions for the development of new products and solutions for SAP fixed asset management.


The Rapporteur from the Maintex by the Executive Director – Roman Romakhin. In his speech, the novel focused on the fact that by itself it cannot be the key to achieving the business goals of efficient management of fixed assets, even if this is SAP solution. Advanced solutions – this is only the basics. Roman told the audience about how to build successful projects – People, Processes and Technology. People with knowledge, culture and motivation. Processes, clearly built on the basis of the objectives of the company. Technology, allowing to implement all aspects of asset performance management from a tactical to a strategic level – from online condition monitoring of equipment to policy servicing large industrial enterprises. Roman gave practical examples based on the data obtained in the course of projects implementation of Meridium APM. Audience was shown the results of the synergy of two advanced solutions, perfectly integrated and complementary – SAP and Meridium APM. Demonstrated a novel closed loop data exchange between the operational level in the SAP PM and strategic level in Meridium APM. In conclusion, the novel showed the economic effect of the application of modern tool management reliability and risk management Meridium APM in the example of one type of equipment, operational process control, the Maintenance of which was carried out through the SAP PM and service strategy was developed in Meridium APM based on the history of PM Orders.

"Within a half-hour speech it is impossible to fully disclose the approach embodied in the methodology and Meridium tool." - notes Roman Romakhin, Executive Director of Maintex. "However, lit me in the report of the topic has caused great interest among the participants of the SAP Forum that use SAP solutions, and are looking for ways to improve operating efficiency of fixed assets. On the sidelines of the Forum was followed by a heated discussion about how to manage reliability and risk management, and specific steps that need to be made to companies for preparation for application of new approaches and tools."

About Maintex

Maintex is a part of OMEGALLIANCE® group. Maintex provides a full range of services in the field of strategic asset management, including optimization and automation of maintenance, repairs, and reliability processes. Maintex solutions are based on the experience of the world's largest consulting companies specializing on asset management, adapted for the Russian market for practical application by the domestic enterprises. As the official partner of the Meridium company the Maintex renders services in implementation of best-of-breed solutions for asset reliability management at the territory of Russia and the CIS.

More information http://www.maintex.ru

About Meridium

Meridium was founded in 1993, is a global leader in solutions to manage asset performance and related services for intensive industries. Among the company's customers there are the pulp and paper, mining, manufacturing, energy, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Meridium solutions is aimed at improving the reliability of process equipment, reducing the risks associated with causing harm to people and the environment, as well as the prevention of failures of production assets. Unique analytical capabilities of Meridium solutions enable customers to minimize equipment downtime while increasing the safety of production processes and reducing production losses. 

More information www.meridium.com