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The main purpose of the RBI methodology (Risk Based Inspection – Inspection based on the risk factor) is the effective management of risks associated with the loss of equipment mechanical integrity, at the expense of optimal use of resources. As a rule, the RBI provides for the allocation of resources for inspection and maintenance between objects with a high risk of failure, making possible to derive a combined risk acceptable to the owner level. Decision-making based on the analysis of risks can lead to increase or decrease the frequency of inspections.

During the RBI analysis is performed description of equipment components prone to different degradation mechanisms as well as treatment process design data. In the approach to RBI assessment of the risk of loss of mechanical integrity due to the action of each mechanism of degradation, taking into account technical parameters and process conditions.

In the framework of inspection based on the risk factor in determining the level of risk is a record of both probability and consequences of failure, which is of particular value of the methodology RBI in comparison with other methods of analysis of types and consequences of failures.